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Posted in goth, poem, you on 10 June 2011 by codrina


Si am murit intr-o zi ploioasa

Cand am intalnit moartea nemiloasa

Am plecat intr-un loc ciudat

Nu stiu de e Rai sau Iad

E pustiu si totusi plin de lume

Si e plin de un ceva anume

Ce nu reusesc a descrie

Nu se vede, se simte si te-mbie

Sa ramai aici cu fiecare

Si de orice lucru sa dai uitare

O viata am avut , acum am eternitate

De n-am avut nimic, acum am de toate!

De am iubit cand va , nu-mi amintesc

Sa simt acum ceva, nu reusesc

Amintiri nu am , si poate e cel mai bine

Ca am reusit sa te uit pe tine!




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I miei occhi
ti cercano continuamente
E registrano
ogni tuo movimento.
Nella mia mente
è rimasta impressa
Ogni tua parola pronunciata
e sulla mia retina
é presente ogni tua parola scritta.
Ti potrei dipingere
ad occhi chiusi
sia con le parole
che con i colori.
Ma dubito
che riuscirò a riprodurre
la tua Unicità
che mi colpì
come un fulmine a ciel sereno
un mattino strano


L’importante è partecipare …

Riprenderò a scrivere prima o poi…un mese senza post…succede

Without you

Posted in dark, poem, you on 6 January 2011 by codrina

I just wanna be , wanna be with you…

I’m dying, dying without you

I just wanna spend my whole time with you

I want you , I desire you…

I’m afraid to spend my life without you

‘Cause you seem so perfect

And I know you’re special

And I want YOU!

This strong thought of loneliness

Lurking  in my mind

I just wanna be with you

‘Cause I’m dying without you.

Without you I feel so alone

So fragile and I wanna be strong

Can you feel my love in this cruel world ?

I know you don’t need me ,but I need you



But did you know, That when it snows…

Posted in poem, you on 18 December 2010 by codrina

Ok…You MUST know that you’ve become my Obsession…[If you’ll ever read this]

Anyway , I dreamt about you…and it was so strange…

YOU are strange…

I still feel you touch cold as Ice…


I wanna be the next snowflake

Which will fall from the sky

On the 22nd of December

And will reach you cheek

And slowly will go down

On your lips and then die-

Melting on you lower lip.

I wanna be the cold winter wind

And after searching you

Through the whole world

I reach your face

And kiss your lips.

I wanna be the winter sun

That warms your face

And steal you a smile.




Our story

Posted in poem, you on 19 November 2010 by codrina

You don’t know me,

I neither know myself,

I may seem the perfect girl,

And also the most sinner,

No one is perfect,

So I’m not,

Not even trying…

I may not have wrote

The perfect poem,

I may not have wrote

The perfect song,

I wish I could write

The perfect story,

My story,Our story!



Mirror , mirror on the wall

Posted in poem, you on 19 November 2010 by codrina

Who in the land is fairest of all? Certainly  not me…

Oh no…I won’t write about ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ” , but about my Prince Charming.

This handsome and romantic guy who will save me from an evil spell…maybe …hope so…

Ok, I ‘ll say he’s cute and funny…and the MOST important thing for me is that BECAUSE of him I wrote some poems again…let’s say he is now my inspiration, even if it’s a BIG word…

About him….in my future posts !