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Fuckin’ destiny

Posted in Senza categoria on 23 December 2010 by codrina

Oh yeah…fuckin’ destiny…I’ll forget about my birthday

2006 – the most awful birthday of my life

2007 – also awful

2008 –seemed perfect and turned to a disaster


2010 – happy family and broken heart…trying to fake a smile

I’ll forget about it…years will pass…and I’l became older, but no more cakes or presents…just normal days…

Now the destiny doesn’t help me…my playlist is full with all of my songs I have on the PC…The next button brought me to HIM –Don’t close your heart…Beautiful song I have to admit…But why this??? With 3012 songs…a message- Don’t close your heart…My heart is closed…and seeld Now!

I won’t ask again the Faith for a miracle…It’s sad …but life goes on…( I didn’t really believe it , but it fits …)

Oh yeah…Happy holydays ! And waiting for a new year …But year after year they become worse…




But did you know, That when it snows…

Posted in poem, you on 18 December 2010 by codrina

Ok…You MUST know that you’ve become my Obsession…[If you’ll ever read this]

Anyway , I dreamt about you…and it was so strange…

YOU are strange…

I still feel you touch cold as Ice…


I wanna be the next snowflake

Which will fall from the sky

On the 22nd of December

And will reach you cheek

And slowly will go down

On your lips and then die-

Melting on you lower lip.

I wanna be the cold winter wind

And after searching you

Through the whole world

I reach your face

And kiss your lips.

I wanna be the winter sun

That warms your face

And steal you a smile.




Poems written in the train station

Posted in Senza categoria on 3 December 2010 by codrina


So bizarre and strange

But I want more…

More of You!

I want to meet You in our dreams

And dance together all night long

And when the mourn will came

And the sun will rise

We’ll fall together in a sweet kiss!


Sparkling snow was covering my iced heart,

Until the warm of your dark shadow

Reflected in my eyes.

Strange feeling insighted me…

Impossible thoughts invaded my mind

And You’ve became my strongest wish!


Posted in you on 2 December 2010 by codrina

I wish I could reach you…

This is for you …tonight…


Faith, I’m still waiting for your help!