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For someone…

Posted in Senza categoria on 31 May 2008 by codrina
I Love You!
Make me your black bride
And we’ll live forever
In the shadows…
We’ll se sorrounded
By black roses.
A crow will be our guardian
And the Night our house.
You’ll be my dark lord
And I,your gothic princess…




Posted in Senza categoria on 13 May 2008 by codrina
I’ve decided to write you a letter
And I took a pen and a piece of paper
I put the date and the year
And I’ve only wrote "dear"…
Then I coulnd’t find the perfect name
With all the names,wouldn’t be the same…
Then I thought:how about inventing one new…
But it was difficult too,wish I’ve knew…
How to call you like in my dreams
Without ruin our feelings…
I still have that kind of letter
I mean that white piece of paper
With date ,year and no name
And the big wish to see you again!