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The night

Posted in Senza categoria on 30 March 2008 by codrina
When the night comes
An angel starts crying
And I start thinking of you!
When the night comes
I can’t sleep
And I try to immagine you!
When the night comes
I can only hear your voice
And I can only see your black shadow!




Posted in Senza categoria on 23 March 2008 by codrina

It seemed to me that I’ve seen your shadow
On the Darksouls Avenue
But I was wrong-there was only an angel…
Another day I looked out of the window
And it seemed to me that you were there
But it was only the heavy rain…
Yesterday,It seemed to me that you were here
Near me,speaking to me
But once again I was wrong…
It was the wind ,which was whispering
In my ears and in my thoughts
Now It seems that you’re calling me
I’m hearing your mystic voice!
But should I go?Are you really calling me?
Or it’s my imagination which is making fun of me?


The Reaper

Posted in Senza categoria on 22 March 2008 by codrina

It’s raining…
The rain is so heavy
That you can only hear
The Reaper’s whisper…
But don’t be afraid
It’s your turn now…
Don’t be scared
She is just a black angel
Who you have to follow
Through the black sky
To a better place.
You can scream
But no one could hear you
You can run
But there’s no place
Apart from the Reaper’s way…
When the rain will stop
Your life will be finished too…



Posted in Senza categoria on 20 March 2008 by codrina


I stay in the darkness

And I’m thinking of you

And my thoughts are flying

To you…

I can only hear

What I’m thinking of,

And I can only see

All the darkness around me

Which is so deep…

I can only think

At one day when

If I’ll day,

Someone will realise

That I was alive.

So,I wish I could die

To make you

Thinking of me

Like I do..



Posted in Senza categoria on 5 March 2008 by codrina

They ussualy used to tell me that I’ll never gonna fall in love

But they were wrong … and one day I’ve heard the song of Love

It was a strange song and only in my sick mind……….

It was a song he sang … that I almost lost my mind.

And the notes were on my bloody lips all night long

And then he gave her a sweet kiss on my soft lips.

And the magic began

Dreaming … but that was just a feeling

That dissapeared into the sky

Wondering why … Watching it fly…

And crying while I realised that they were right

It only was the Darkness lurking in her mind

And singing that sad love song

And I knew … he almost touched my heart

With the spiny rose of Love

That he offered to me…..


Codrina & Rei